Introducing our PE Mini-Course with S+SWW

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Circle up! We're excited to announce our mini-course "Introduction to Teaching Yoga in PE" created in partnership with S&S Worldwide.

Integrating yoga into your PE class is a new, dynamic way to encourage students to move. Plus, studies have shown that children who practice yoga regularly experience improved strength, flexibility, and balance.

This mini-course is designed for educators that have not joined the Yoga Foster program yet. This 4-hour course achieves the following:

  • Articulate the benefits of yoga for pre-K through 5th grade aged students
  • Familiarize physical education teachers with the basics of yoga-based movements: the names of basic poses and their musculoskeletal benefits and contraindications; proper sequencing of yoga poses for varying levels of aerobic and strength-building exercise; and adaptive techniques to adjust poses for students with physical limitations or disabilities
  • Provide adequate tools and resources for physical education teachers to adapt yoga for the specific needs of their classes, making a yoga unit accessible for both teachers and their students

This online, self-paced training is available now, and includes free downloads, bonus materials, and a discount to participate in our full programming. Start today!