Ashley turned Fridays into Yoga Day

We were honored to invite Ashley to take over our Instagram for the day, and show us how she uses Yoga Foster in her classroom. To get more awesome classroom inspiration, visit her page @artsyapple. And be sure to follow us @yogafoster to see more teacher stories!


Happy Friday! I'm Ashley from @artsyapple and I'm so excited to take over Yoga Foster's account today! I'm a first grade teacher from Maryland who loves coffee, creativity, and yoga! Today you'll see a few snapshots of my typical day in my classroom - including how I use Yoga Foster's amazing program with my kiddos. Stay tuned!⠀


Once I get to this point in my morning routine, I'm a happy teacher. I see the most student growth around my reading table. I love that I get to build literacy {and personal} relationships with my first graders during small group time - it's the best part of my day!⠀

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My first graders are always so excited when we add a yoga burst between transitions during the school day - and believe me, they are much needed! Take one step inside a first grade classroom and you'll understand why I have Yoga Foster's yoga bursts hanging on my front board to use whenever needed. {i.e.: all the time.}

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Friday is everyone's favorite day of the week for many reasons, teachers included. I especially love the 23 voices who scream, "It's yoga day!!!" when they walk into the classroom on Fridays. We do yoga bursts throughout the week, and occasionally I'll surprise them with a yoga session on a non-Friday, but we never miss a Friday yoga session. Once the mats are out, we're in our mindful zone. {Sometimes I even keep them out for reading time, just because the kiddos love them so much.}⠀

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For the record, on Fridays, you would not find me back in this spot. Hello, weekend! However, every other day you'd find me: reheating my coffee {fellow teachers, you understand}, grading, emailing, planning, or just sitting here in silence doodling with my pretty pens. Teacher life is exhausting, guys! But it's so, so worth it. Thanks, Yoga Foster for featuring me today! I had the best time sharing parts of my day with you. Happy FriYAY!⠀