Stacey Makes Library Extra-Mindful

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Teachers across the country are using Yoga Foster to foster movement and mindfulness in their classrooms, and each one has an inspiring story that fuels our practice. We had the honor of interviewing Stacey, a library specialist working with 2nd - 5th grade in Plano, Texas about her yoga in schools program powered by Yoga Foster. Learn about how her program has blossomed below.

How does your classroom practice yoga?

We have yoga in the library as an after school class for students

What type of impact are you seeing from this practice?

Yoga has started a KINDNESS CAMPAIGN! We didn’t even think about how kindness would spread because of our yoga teaching. Our little yogis practice breathing and mindfulness in the classrooms. The teachers love that and have practiced breathing with students before tests and when our little ones get upset. Now the students help each other to “just breathe” during stressful times and they practice being kind and having an “open heart” like we do in yoga.


Does this practice help you personally?

The students inspire me. I love seeing them practice poses and mindfulness. It is a stress-reliever at the end of the day.

What was it like starting this practice with your students?

Scary! I was unsure about my ability to teach and we have many students that were interested. I must have watched the videos 100 times. But after the first day-I was hooked. 

Why does this practice resonate with your classroom?

Our students sometimes need a little stress relief. Our kids are fantastic. They are sweet, smart, and caring children but many have very serious problems at home. Some are dealing with parents splitting up, and some have parents that work 2 & 3 jobs. We have had children in foster care and a couple that were homeless. Yoga is a time to focus on the positive things. We focus on the good things that happened that day or week. Our students stretch and breathe and can relax. It is a peaceful time for them.

How do you hope your own practice develops as the school year progresses?

This semester we hope to have even younger students in our after-school class. We will be offering it to our 5,6 and 7 year old students. The parents have been requesting that the younger siblings be included! I have several teachers that want to participate as well.

What advice do you have for other teachers considering bringing this practice into their classrooms?

Jump in! I was nervous and had not taught yoga before. But Yoga Foster provides great instruction through email, videos and online chats. They are so amazing and support you and the class 100%. Just jump in!

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