Yoga Foster 2018 Tour


We’re so excited to finally announce that Yoga Foster is going on tour this summer break to showcase our new virtual reality experience, featuring our favorite educators making wellness elementary in their classrooms. Here’s all the deets.

Wait, this seems like a major production. Why are you doing this?

Our practice is possible because of our supporters that donate mats and funds to sponsor classrooms in their community. By activating at high-profile events for wellness enthusiasts – our donor target market – we can reach a new audience. And by using VR, we can truly immerse them in an experience we hope will spur them into action.

Okay, but what is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a 3D viewing experience where the participant dons a headset and can interact with a video that’s been filmed in 360 degrees. When the video starts, the user can watch it progress from every angle, giving them the feeling that they’re there in the moment!

Our video places the participant in the middle of a classroom practicing Yoga Foster somewhere in the U.S. They get the opportunity to see every moment of magic when students and teacher come together to practice, and follow along without even leaving the event.

When is this happening?

We’ll be at several events over the course of the summer, and we’re still adding stops along the way! Visit our tour page and sign up for emails to get the full view.

How can I support?

Wow, what a meaningful ask. Thank you! Please share the upcoming events with friends in your community, and consider making a donation to help us the costs of travel. You can do so here, and mention the tour during the checkout process.

Who is going to be at this tour?

You’ll see members from our entire YF team, volunteers and donors from the local community, and teachers that we work with! You’ll also meet incredible supporters joining us from local lululemon stores, and representatives from Samsung, our partner in making the virtual reality experience a reality.

Photo above from our 2017 mini-tour that sparked this major event! 

Nicole CardozaYFHQ