Here's How Tanya Lives a Balanced Life


This Teacher Appreciation Day, Yoga Foster is giving teachers free tools to practice self-care, including yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, reflection prompts and more. Each day this week we've featured a teacher from our community with their approach to staying well. Today, Tanya shares her idea day for replenishing and keeping a balanced life.

1. What does self-care / wellness mean to you/look like for you?

Self-care / wellness means getting enough sleep, being able to take just a few minutes to re-group, reflect, and get my thoughts together. It also means me being able to spend some alone time to read, relax, and enjoy some peace and quiet. 

2. What is your favorite way to replenish yourself?

My favorite way to replenish myself is to have a do whatever I want to do day. Even if it means I'm home relaxing, taking a nap mid day, binge watching an episode of something  Reading, reading, reading or pouring into a friend, relative or neighbor. It depends on how I'm feeling in my spirit.

3. Are there any helpful tools Yoga Foster offers to support your wellness?

I absolutely love HeadSpace and that has been very helpful. I find that those meditations keep me grounded. 

4. Do you have any tips for teachers for their wellness journey?

Keep a balanced life, knowing you can't be everywhere at once and you can't do everything at one time. Be willing to say no and not feel bad about it.

5. What is your favorite thing about teaching yoga / mindfulness to your students?

My favorite thing about teaching yoga / mindfulness to my students is getting them to realize that we have many different emotions and sometimes we feel an array of them at once, but how we deal with the negative emotions can make a difference in some negative outcomes/consequences. I use to tell my students to calm down, not knowing they did not know how to. Now I teach them to take deep breaths, count to 10 and then count backwards. 

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Nicole Cardoza