Here's How Bethany Makes Time for Self-Care: Teacher Appreciation Week 2018


This Teacher Appreciation Day, Yoga Foster is giving teachers free tools to practice self-care, including yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, reflection prompts and more. Each day this week we've featured a teacher from our community with their approach to staying well. Today, Bethany from Louisiana talks about the power of a sweaty workout and shares key advice to teachers new to practicing self-care.

1. What does self-care/wellness mean to you?

It means providing yourself space to think, to nurture your body/mind/soul, and to continue to allow yourself to grow and share that love with others.

2. What is your favorite way to replenish yourself?

Early morning quiet time, usually with stretching and coffee afterwards. I also love a good sweat session after school and my yoga classes downtown after school. 

3. Are there any helpful tools Yoga Foster offers to support your wellness?

Most definitely. My BREATHE sign is right by my desk, directly in my eye sight! The curriculum provided is wonderful because I integrate it into my other lessons, and that frees up more time for me as well. I utilize all of the tools for myself that I am sharing with my students. 

4. Do you have any tips for teachers for their wellness journey?

If you neglect your own well-being, you will suffer as well as those around you that you are trying to serve. Be easy on yourself as you begin the journey to wellness (if it has not been a priority). You do not have to jump right into an hour long yoga session or a 4 mile jog. Start with 10 minutes of stretching in the morning and evening. Make time for a bubble bath, even if it is at 10:00 at night after everyone else is asleep. Sit at your desk for 5 minutes and sip that cup of coffee… the paperwork never goes away, so it will still be there. Finally, take a day off every once in a while to just pamper yourself. The kids will survive a substitute.

5. What is your favorite thing about teaching yoga/mindfulness to your students?

I love to watch as they evolve in their own understanding of the positive benefits that yoga and mindfulness have on their bodies and their spirits. They begin to utilize what they have learned without my guidance and instruction. 

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