Here's How Kristi Stays Healthy: Teacher Appreciation Week 2018


This Teacher Appreciation Day, Yoga Foster is giving teachers free tools to practice self-care, including yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, reflection prompts and more. Each day this week we've featured a teacher from our community with their approach to staying well. Today, Kristi from Tennessee shares her thoughts on staying healthy, positive self-talk, and meditation.

1. What does self-care/wellness mean to you/look like for you?

Being the best mom I can be, first and foremost. Also, eating a healthy diet, drinking water,  finding a movement practice (either yoga, taking dog for a walk, elliptical, etc.), and getting quiet for at least 10 minutes plus per day. I limit my online usage, use positive self talk, and remind myself that all these things are a practice and they will look different each day based on my needs and energy.

2. What is your favorite way to replenish yourself?

Being in nature – and of course, a massage!

3. Are there any helpful tools Yoga Foster offers to support your wellness?

I am really enjoying the Headspace app. (Yoga Foster grant recipients receive a free one-year premium membership to Headspace – among many other things. Interested in joining out 2018 – 2019 programs? Apply here).

4. Do you have any tips for teachers for their wellness journey?

Practice – especially when you don't feel like it!

5. What is your favorite thing about teaching yoga/mindfulness to your students?

My favorite thing is giving them tools to appropriately manage and regulate their emotions, seeing them make connections, and helping to foster positive self body image.

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