5 Reasons Why Back-to-School is Awesome.

We understand that back-to-school can arrive with mixed emotions

Wishful feelings for summer to last a teeny bit longer, new lesson plans, new students, sometimes even a new administration. Stress may pop up when thinking of the to-do list or trying to figure out when to incorporate yoga in the classroom.

We hear you. That's why we asked educators across the country what excites them most about going back to school. 

Here's what they said:

I am excited about getting back into a daily routine. - Andrea, Brooklyn, NY

I'm looking forward to meeting all the new kids and bulletin boards! - Allison, Kansas City, MO

I’m excited to start at a new school with a new team!!-  Abbie, Janesville, WI

What excites me most is a new, awesome principal! - Bethany, Hammond, LA

I am excited about having a student teacher this year - we are planning some pretty awesome activities! - Tanya, Clinton, NC


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