3 Yoga Poses Educators Love To Teach.

Teach what you are excited about.

As you begin implementing yoga and mindfulness in your classroom this year, take a moment to think about what you are excited to teach your students. When you open a month of Yoga Foster curriculum, what are your favorite moments?

Even with your lesson plan in hand, you may need to adapt and adjust to fit the needs of your students. Creating space for the wiggle room creates space for the unexpected yoga-tastic moments.

We asked educators for their favorite go-to poses to teach in the classroom and why.

Here's what they said:

"Crow pose!  I teach a daily yoga elective and am really hoping we will be able to build to Crow pose."- Jennifer, Arkansas

Crow pose is a challenging balancing pose that builds strength and focus. 

"Half sun salutations because they help students get into a short yoga flow and into the groove!" - Lisa, North Carolina

Half sun salutations are dynamic up and down movements with breath to shake off stress and build energy. 

Squirrel Pose! Is there anything cuter than watching kids act like squirrels? - Emily, Idaho

Squirrel pose uses a squat position to build strength with playful variations. 

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