What Wellness Means To Our Educators


In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re asking our educators what self-care and wellness means to them. With most of their extra energy going toward making their classroom an amazing place to learn for their students, finding time for self-care is no small feat.


“Self-care and wellness is important to me because to take care of others I must first take care of myself. I love spending time in nature to recharge like walking on the beach, camping and kayaking. I also enjoy spending an hour in the gym or doing yoga to get my body moving and stronger. Quality time with my family, like going out on our boat when we have time off is another way I can reset and recharge. I regularly use the monthly self-care calendar for daily tips.” - Nora, Piney Point Elementary

“This means taking time for me. Not the professional me, not even the husband me. It can be different at different times; some days it’s being in the park with my dog, or watching a nostalgic movie alone, eating whatever I want, reading a good (or bad) book, or taking a mental health day.” - Jordan, P.S. 53X

“Self-care to me means listening to my body and mind and responding to what it needs, whether or not it works in my schedule. For instance, if I find myself gritting my teeth and close to tears over frustration with lesson planning after school, it means it's time for me to take a break, step away from the classroom, get into the fresh air and think about something else.

It means carving out the time to make food I'll enjoy eating, and activities that I enjoy doing, like yoga, weightlifting, walking in the park, spending time with my family and friends, and bingeing on Netflix! Most importantly, it means being kind to myself, and allowing myself the space and time to grow.” -Nell, Central Park East II

“Self-care/wellness means taking a quick walk during the teaching day to get some fresh air.  It means doing my own yoga practice 2-5 times a week. We are currently taking a brain break with a bell every time we start a new class.” - Jaime, Basalt Elementary

Know an educator that’s ready to build a mindful classroom? Have them head to www.yogafoster.org today.