4 Tips To Boost Your Wellness Journey


Weaving in moments of self-care into our week seems logical, but it’s harder than it seems. We asked our educators across the country what tips they have for other educators as they grow their own relationship with wellness.

Hint* - it’s not always what you think.


Your personal wellness journey is a lifelong process. One step at a time.

Remember the old adage, "How does an ant eat an elephant? One bite at a time." Wellness isn't a fad, it's not found in a textbook. Wellness is what's truly and intrinsically good for YOU within your surroundings.  - Jordan, P.S. 53X

Give yourself permission to rest, even if means missing teaching time.

Effective teachers are not burnt out teachers. For years I didn't eat breakfast before school, andI was so much crankier in the morning than in the afternoon after I'd eaten lunch. I've learned that taking that time to take care of yourself, even if it means being late or missing a day or not finishing something, will be beneficial in the long run.. Also, never forget: you are doing one of the most difficult jobs in the world! Even on your worst day, you're a rock star. Be kind to yourself, and take time for you.
- Nell, Central Park East II

Prioritize solo self-care time during the day.

Keep up with your own brain breaks during the school day. Try not to take things personally and assume that everyone has positive intentions! -Jaime, Basalt Elementary

Strive for patience and positivity.

Your yoga classes don’t have to be perfect. When practicing different poses, give passion and positive energy to the practice, and the kids will be more responsive! Be patient with your students and remember that for many of them this may be their first experience practicing yoga. Be enthusiastic and give positive feedback to your students. They will love yoga for life. - Nora, Piney Point Elementary

Know an educator that’s ready to take the next step in their wellness journey? Have them head over to www.yogafoster.org today!

Melissa Shah