5 Reasons to Teach Yoga in the Classroom


We asked educators across the country what truly brings them joy when teaching yoga in the classroom, and why more educators should get involved. Here’s what they said:


“These are not just survival tools. These are tools that will make my students thrive. I suffer from anxiety, and I have had students who suffer from anxiety. To be able to give them something that they can do to calm themselves down is incredibly meaningful. To watch students go from challenging themselves in Warrior 3 to slowing down in child's pose means that they are learning how to live a balanced life - one filled with both the joy of rigor and the necessity of rest and slowing down.” - Nell, Central Park East II

If you look at a child that is peaceful, they often look prideful. As an elementary school teacher, my students are learning how to use their bodies, and interact with the world. By teaching yoga and mindfulness I can provide these students an alternative to acting out. - Jordan, P.S 53X

I had a student come up to me a year later and say, "Hey, I remember you, you taught me yoga last year."  To me, that meant that the yoga lesson I taught him was really meaningful. It's also great to see students be able to connect to their breath and know when to use brain breaks when they are getting overwhelmed. - Jaime, Basalt Elementary

“I enjoy seeing their excitement when they walk into my class. I teach them ways in which to pay attention to the different parts of their body. I ask them to notice their environment by using their senses. I feel a sense of joy and pride when I see how the whole class engages in the practice as I model for them, and give them positive feedback. They are eager to show me their improvement in their yoga practice, and look forward to the end of the class as we go into our favorite pose - do nothing pose!” - Nora, Piney Point Elementary

“Fifth grade is a difficult time for so many students. They are starting to explore their feelings and identities more each day. After introducing yoga in the classroom, there has been a noticeable increase in calm and less conflict overall.” - Amanda, Madison, Elementary

Know an educator that’s ready to take the next step in their wellness journey? Have them head over to www.yogafoster.org today!

Melissa Shah