How Yoga Foster Supports Educators' Wellness


A happy educator helps build a happy classroom. Learn how Yoga Foster’s programs are helping educators across the country stay well all year round.


Photo by Seher Sikander

All the tips, resources and reminders are incredibly positive and supporting. The personal hand written cards, the warm smiles and warm embraces at all events, and of course yoga! All of the stigmas that I had about yoga have disappeared. There are no perfect poses, there is no one way to explore a pose. Yoga is about getting into your own body mind and listening to it.  - Jordan, P.S. 53X

The mindfulness calendar has been a game changer for me. It reminds me that every single day, even the busiest one, I can take a moment to take care of myself in a really easy way. Taking a different way to work, leaving your phone at home, take a moment in school to practice breathing are all easy and do not require any time or money. They just require me to dedicate myself to my own well being. - Nell, Central Park East II

The monthly mindfulness calendars remind me to do a little something daily for myself and my students.  I also love the monthly book recommendations and how it pairs with the curriculum. I read the mindfulness books in the Kindergarten Crew class that I teach! - Jaime, Basalt Elementary

Having the yoga lesson plans already sequenced and laid out has helped me so much. Tying in the themes and symbolism with the poses really helps my own practice as well. - Amanda, Madison Elementary

The curriculum is amazing - I like the way it is broken down into different pieces. I love that each month has different objectives, teacher’s moments, mindful moments, sequences of poses and the introduction of new ones. I like the writing component where the both the kids and I can express themselves. - Nora, Piney Point Elementary

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Melissa Shah