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We offer on-demand training, videos, lesson plans, and tools to schools to create safe spaces to learn, increase physical activity during the school day, support socio-emotional learning initiatives, and boost educator self-care and wellness.

Benefits of Yoga In Schools

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Supports accessible physical activity for any classroom, gym or playground


Boosts learning outcomes by increasing focus and attentiveness

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Creates a safe, supportive environment for students and teachers to thrive


here’s How Educators Use Yoga Foster in their Classrooms


The teachers love that we have practiced breathing with students before tests and when our little ones get upset. Now the students help each other to 'just breathe' during stressful times and they practice being kind and having an 'open heart' like we do in yoga.

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Led by educators, fueled by the wellness community.

Our grants and generous mat donation program are made possible by yoga practitioners, teachers and studios in your community.

Whether you want to donate a yoga mat, sponsor a classroom, or mentor a teacher, you can join the move-ing movement.

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