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Join Yoga Foster for a week (or two) of online, self-paced yoga in schools trainings that help you deepen your practice, and expand upon key elements of the Fundamentals Training.





Join us for a series on creating and sticking to a self-care practice that relates your goals and intentions for the year ahead. Together, we’ll go through the foundations of self-care, the five components of wellness, and the best process for measuring and evaluating the impact self-care has in your everyday life. Note: This training includes consistent check-ins, pairs you with a self-care buddy, and provides actionable tools to practice self-care for the entire year ahead.



Trauma in the Classroom

We’ll discuss how trauma affects students while learning and practicing yoga and mindfulness, the impact of trauma on us educators, and the power of trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices to create a healthier, happier classroom for all students – including you.



Cultivating Positive Classroom Behavior

Introducing yoga and mindfulness in the classroom also introduces a new dynamic between teacher and student that can impact both student behavior and educator response. In this dynamic learning environment, we’ll reflect on our collective experiences so far, identify behavior patterns and common outcomes, and develop a framework for an individualized response for the school year ahead.


Creating a Culturally-Responsive Practice

Understand the importance of language, structure, integration and tone in creating a yoga practice in the classroom that reflects all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs. Join us and our guest speakers for tools to create a responsive practice, and learn more about the breadth of resources available for expanding your practice.

From Classroom to Career

Learn how to expand your practice beyond the classroom to shape your teaching style and generate meaningful income. In this interactive seminar, we’ll help you create your yoga / mindfulness profile, resume, and visual identity, understand the landscape of practicing outside the classroom, and hear from educators who have made their practice possible.

Yoga and its Roots

Study the source of yoga. Together we’ll take a comprehensive look at the history, lineage and texts behind the yoga practice throughout time, and its implications to practicing in the classroom in modern day time. You’ll leave with a solid understanding of yoga history, along with tools on how to integrate in your classroom and communicate effectively with parents and administration.


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