Christine Cioc-Karantais's Classroom: 50 mats

Christine Cioc-Karantais's Classroom: 50 mats


PS 31

c/o Christine Cioc-Karantais

75 Meserole Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11222

(347) 985-4562

50 mats


Thanks for supporting Christine’s classroom! Cara is a first-grade teacher in Brooklyn who wants to extend her love of the practice to her students.

My school is very diverse. There are children from many different ethnic and economic backgrounds. This grant will be able to introduce the practice of yoga and mindfulness to students who may never get a chance to do it otherwise. I began yoga in college and have loved it ever since. I feel that if a child is introduced to it from a young age it will become a way of life for them.

If you’d like to support further, we encourage your community to write a note to the students about your favorite yoga pose.