Claudine Cina's Classroom: 25 Mats

Claudine Cina's Classroom: 25 Mats


Coleman Elementary School

c/o Claudine Cina

1220 Dundee Ave

Elgin IL, 60120

Phone Number: 847-322-1803

Number of mats: 25


Thanks for supporting Claudine’s classroom! Claudine is an elementary school teacher who wants to use yoga and mindfulness to help her students self-regulate through challenging periods of their lives.

“This year alone we sent 7 students to the Streamwood behavioral center for severely disturbing emotional behaviors. These students were as young as 6 years old. I saw the stress and frustration first hand in my own classroom. I would like to help the students of Coleman to find some peace with yoga and have a place where they can practice yoga to better their lives.”