Join our volunteer team!


This summer on tour, we will be sharing what Yoga Foster does, sparking conversations about wellness in schools, collecting mats and engaging with communities and educators. 

We need friendly faces to join us at several key events, who are passionate about Yoga Foster’s mission and excited to spread awareness.
As a volunteer, your role will include: 

  • Set up lawn chairs and tables (these will be provided on the bus) 

  • Engage with passerbys and event-goers, invite people onto the bus, introduce Yoga Foster, help facilitate watching a short video about YF and answer any questions

  • Collect email addresses and contact information 

  • Educate people about our mat drive program, help collect mats to be stored on the bus

  • Hand out Yoga Foster swag (ex: bracelets, pamphlets, t-shirts)

* Please note: this list is not exhaustive of roles, we’re looking for people who are hands on, flexible and excited to be there! 

There is no heavy lifting and very little set up / take down (woohoo!) but some of these events demand long hours. Please be ready to commit to the full day.


August 9: 5:30p – 8p | Wanderlust 108 Denver

August 10: 7:30 - 6pm | Wanderlust 108 Denver

August 11: 7:30 - 6pm | Wanderlust 108 Denver


August 15: 10a – 12p | iGrow Peace House

August 18: 3p – 7:30p | Lagunitas Brewing Company Chicago


September 7: 10a – 6p | lululemon brooklyn

September 8: 7:30 - 4pm | Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn

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