Upcoming Webinars

Let’s hang out! Join an upcoming free online webinar to learn about mindful movement can support you and your classroom! All webinars held on Wednesdays in the evening – RSVP to receive a recording if you can’t attend in person.



Are you a school teacher, administrator or yoga instructor interested in the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in the classroom? Do you want to learn more about Yoga Foster’s training, lesson plans and resources? Join us for a 30 minute interactive webinar, followed by 30 minutes of Q+A. You’ll hear about what our subscription provides and how it helps classrooms just like yours.

RSVP | October 2, 7:30p EST

RSVP | November 6, 7:30p EST

RSVP | December 4, 7:30p EST

RSVP | January 8, 7:30p EST


Teach Your First Mindful Movement Class!

You’ve signed up for Yoga Foster’s programming, completed the training, and even sent home your permission slips! Now, it’s time to teach. Join the Yoga Foster team for an interactive, 30 minute webinar, followed by 30 minutes of Q+A, on reviewing all the ways you can successfully integrate mindful movement in your classroom.

RSVP | October 16, 7:30p EST

RSVP | November 13, 7:30p EST

RSVP | December 18, 7:30p EST

RSVP | January 22, 7:30p EST